government, ngo and corporate sponsored commissions

i walk alone. in the forests, in the meadows, in the deserts and in swamps and in all places in between. i walk off trail, where ever the energy of the environment takes me. the last 6,000 kilometres have taught me many things, in particular, that i know very little of the reality behind the natural world, or who ‘they’ are that choose to manifest themselves to my heart, mind, ears and eyes. i am grateful … beyond grateful.

one thing that has emerged is “that which is heard when they choose to present themselves” is what is seen when the heart follows earnestness. and then records of “them” are made.

i will walk your land, alone. how ever long it takes and where ever it may be. i shall build on the lessons learned in the forests of manitoba and follow the energy of the environment. let them show themselves in the manner in which they do, and more records will be made of what is heard and seen. for everyone to see the energy of your land.

please write to me at [email protected] with proposals. thank you.